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Southern Equine Associates, L.L.C.

Pat Garrett, DVM • (940) 387-1177

Southern Equine Associates, LLC, is a practice offering performance horse lameness and reproduction services. Southern Equine Associates offers a wide array of services available to brood mare owners and performance horse owners alike.

Reproductive services including artificial insemination, deep-horn insemination, embryo transfer, handling and storage of frozen semen and embryos, and troubleshooting problem mares are available. Future plans include oocyte collection. Breeding soundness examinations can be performed on potential stallions and mares, with a large laboratory and state-of-the-art equipment.

Performance horse lameness and pre-purchase examinations are also performed. Digital radiography and digital ultrasound are available to assist in diagnosing lameness. Treatment modalities include extra-corporeal shock wave therapy, Platelet-rich-plasma injection, IRAP injection, and other more traditional treatments. We work closely with several rehabilitation facilities that are nearby including Tom McCutcheon Reining horses and Southland Saltwater Hydrotherapy. Minor surgeries including angular limb deformities, hernia repair, cryptorchid surgery, castration, and some reproductive surgery are also performed. Major surgeries are usually referred to Equine Medical Associates,
Weems and Stephens, or Premier Equine.

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